Small Business Emergency Action Plan

March 2020 By

These are most certainly very unprecedented times. We want all of our businesses to feel fully informed and ready to survive the uncertainty over the next three months or so.

Coronavirus remains a real threat and so if your customers are in isolation and cannot get to you, or you cannot deliver, or they cannot pay you, there is the reality of reduced or no sales to face for the upcoming future.

The situation we face is one we cannot change, we must accept that and it’s the same for everyone – we know because our business depends on your success.

What you can do is stay healthy and ensure your loved ones are too. After all, if the business is forced to stop trading for a while and you are healthy you can start again. The reverse is not true.

The Government has stepped up to the plate and we will be letting you know how to get help in due course.

We believe that planning is key to your successful business, so work through the following action points, and get in touch if you feel that the current events cause you a problem in remaining viable – we’ll do our best to help.

Click here to view the Small Business Emergency Action Plan

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